Our story

We want to know her, we want to be her, she is confident, comfortable, charming and knows who she is. Being around her makes you feel stronger. I know her, I have felt her presence, I want to be her, she is what I am striving for, she is everywhere…


This collection was curated by a personal journey of self discovery. Often we wear masks and it is during our most defining moments we are unable to do so. Our life is a journey of exploration to uncover our true selves and let go of the masks that often protect and shackle us. Through our travels we experience learning, integration and interaction and develop who we are today, no two paths will ever be the same, no two journeys will ever mirror, Abaya Collection wants to bring together women to share their journey’s and allow us to travel with you.

This journey enabled me to embrace my flaws and not allow the world to dull my shine. Each item was inspired by authentic women in my life, women who speak their mind, women who encourage those who need it, women who are flawed and imperfect and know it. 


These women, perhaps you have met them, perhaps you know them, perhaps you’re with them. Perhaps she is YOU!